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All prices and policies subject to change.
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Cabin Rates
see minimum stay policies on the right
#10 Retreat
sleeps 8

3-night minimum

#2 Tiny Tim
sleeps 2
#3 Big Cabin
sleeps 6
#4 New Cabin
sleeps 4
#5 Bridge
sleeps 2
#9 Jim
sleeps 2
#16 Sixteen
sleeps 2
#17 Kari's Cabin
sleeps 2

Motel Rates
#1 Pal
sleeps 5


#6 or #12
sleeps 2
sleeps 2
#14/15 (one unit)
sleeps 4
#7 or #8
sleeps 4

4 Nights or More in the Same Unit
$5 off per night
Senior Citizen Discount
$5 off per night
North House Discount
$5 off per night
Only one discount per stay
Check In / Out
No Saturday check-in or check-out

Check-in is 3 pm. to 6 pm. Anytime after, the key will be in the door with the porch light on. Check-in the next morning.

Check-out is at 11 am.
Quiet Time
Quiet time is 10pm. to 7am.
All reservations require a 25% deposit down.
We reserve the right to request a 25% deposit any other time upon request. 
Large group reservations may require a larger deposit with different terms. 
Full payment is due upon arrival.
Cancellation Policy
15 days prior to the reservation
$20.00 cancellation fee per unit

Less than 15 days

If you cancel after 15 days and we haven’t been able to rent the unit, you will be charged for one-half of what we can’t rent.

Day of your reservation or a no-show
If you cancel on the day of the reservation you must pay for that day, in addition to one-half of anything we can’t rent. No Shows will be charged.

If a deposit was made it is refundable, less the cancellation/processing fee of $20.00 or 10%, whichever is greater as long as it was cancelled 15 days prior to the reservation.

Policies may change without notice.
Early Departures
Sorry, we are not responsible for early departures.  Early departures will be charged for the full amount of the original reservation, no credits will be given.
Smoking is not allowed in the units. A $200 cleaining fee will be applied to your credit card if you smoke in your room.
Minimum Stays
Cabins require a 2-3 night minimum stay during the weekends depending the weekend and the cabin. 
Motel rooms require a 2-night minimum stay on weekends.  There are some exceptions in May and early June. 
All lodging requires 3-night minimum stay for holiday weekends, MEA weekend (3rd weekend in Oct.), fall color weekends, North House Unplugged Festival, and Fisherman’s Picnic.  We reserve the right to deem any weekend a 3-night minimum stay weekend as we feel appropriate
Credit Cards
VISA - MasterCard - Discover
Pets are welcome but need to remain off the beds and furniture. Please, pets may not be left unattended. No more than two pets per unit.
Pet Rates
Under 40 pounds $10.00,
Over 40 pounds $20.00.
Extra charges may apply.  These rates are per unit; if you stay in more than one unit during your stay you will be charged a pet fee for each unit you stay in.